Year: 2021 | Month: December | Volume 8 | Issue 2

Emergence of Blockchain Technologies in Digital Healthcare—A Short Review

P.K. Paul P.S. Aithal A. Bhuimali K.S. Tiwary R. Saavedra S. Ghosh

Abstract :

Blockchain Technology is a kind of encrypted record of data and it works on a distributed database which deals with the data regarding the transaction and contract. Blockchain lies on an independent record as a digital ledger and is considered as important which can be reachable in various platforms and is not confined in a particular place. Blockchain Technology or simply Blockchain is helpful in different financial activities and services. It is required in proper and healthy digital currency management i.e., bitcoin transactions. It is worthy to note that financial transaction becomes effective without the requirement of the third party and therefore it keeps the data encrypted. Additionally, here participants need not share any personal data and therefore all the data basically kept as encrypted. There are tremendous applications of Blockchain Technology in the recent past in different common and emerging areas. Among the emerging applications or sectors,the healthcare and medical sector is considered as one of the important and valuable industry sectors. This paper is conceptual and prepared with existing literature related to Blockchain Technology. Here basic aspects, viz. features, characteristics, and special basic applications of Blockchain Technology are described. However, the paper specially focused on Blockchain Technology applications in the healthcare and medical sector.

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