Year: 2016 | Month: June | Volume 3 | Issue 1

Quantum Information Science: Current Scenario and Future Prospects with Possible Academic Potentiality in Indian Educational Context

P.K. Paul1 D. Chatterjee2 A. Bhuimali3 M. Ghose4 Poovammal. E5 R. Rajesh6 and R. Senthamarai7
DOI:Coming Soon

Abstract :

Quantum Information Science [QIS] is an important interdisciplinary domain with much potential in industry, institution, educational sector, health and medical sector and so on. Quantum Information Science is a result of integration of Quantum Science and Information Science. Quantum Information Science is a new field which is responsible for faster and advanced communication system powered by QBit. Quantum Information Science is a combination of many other domains also. The periphery is increasing day by day. Today’s super computer as well as in future computing, Quantum Information Science has great potentials. Academic programmes on Quantum Information Science are still limited than that of its requirement. Thus design and development of academic programme on Quantum Information Science becomes important. This hectic process is to be completed with high quality collaborative educational strategies. This paper illustrates many aspects of Quantum Information Science including role, need, characteristics and especially academic potentials in Indian Universities.

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