Year: 2015 | Month: June | Volume 2 | Issue 1

Agricultural Problems in India requiring solution through Agricultural Information Systems: Problems and Prospects in Developing Countries

Prantosh Kr. Paul l Dipak Chatterjee2 Minakshi Ghosh 3 and Jhuma Ganguly
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Abstract :

Agriculture is one of the important terms in human civilization. Without agriculture and cultivation we can’t get corn or vegetables and thus we cannot survive. Cultivators of developing countries like India, Bangla Desh face several challenges and problems like lack of knowledgeabout about corns and their appropriate timings of cultivation, weather, water and irrigation needed, pesticides and fertilizers useful, post production activities including marketing, use of human resource development, financial management and so on. Today not merely literacy but proper education is very much important for success in cultivation due to global competition and global trend of higher production and open marketing. This paper has attempted to pinpoint several agricultural information systems and similar facets which are helpful for healthy cultivation and agricultural practice

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